VO2 MAX & Lactate Threshold Mystery Solved

Dr. Terry Dupler explains VO2 Max to members of BWCAt the December 9 meeting, Dr. Terry Dupler, Director of the Human Performance Lab and Associate Professor at the University of Houston solved the mystery for Because We Can members on what is VO2 MAX & Lactate Threshold. Terry gave us an in-depth, yet simple presentation that made sense to all. More interesting, Terry said that in his research before the meeting, he could not find any studies on the physical improvement of people with MS who engage in an active regimen of exercise. Terry welcomed the group’s offer as guinea pigs for any study that Terry and his staff embark on.

Additionally, Terry told us about different tests and analysis that his group conducts at Memorial Herman Sports Medicine Institute where he is the head of human performance testing. One in particular was a gait analysis. Your stride and gait is filmed, an analysis is conducted and recommended exercises are given back to help you improve your gait. I participated in this analysis and was very impressed. I will report after the MS150 on any noticeable differences. Thank you Terry for opening our eyes and Sun & Ski Katy for your hospitality!