Tour of Champions 2012

You might never have heard of it but let me take the opportunity to tell you about TOC. TOC stands for Tour of Champions, a unique experience earned by riders who each raise $12,000 or more for one of the MS Society’s South Central Region bike rides.

Whats unique about the experience? Where do I start?

At first glance, you might think it’s the opportunity to take a vacation and ride your bikesomewhere youd never travel to on your own. But shortly into the trip, you discover it really is so much more than that.

Think about it. Every single person on the trip has raised $12,000+ in one year toward creating a world free of MS. The 78 people who participated this year collectively raised $1.6 million. Let that register.

This is a highly motivated, passionate group of people who are a wealth of inspiration. As a TOC’er, you cant help but become part of that community and re-energize and elevate your sense of commitment. When you participate in TOC, the MS Society staff work diligently to increase your MS awareness. During group activities, you learn about MS research, treatments and quality of life programs for people living with MS.

Since my first TOC, Ive been driven to qualify every year. This year, when I crossed the finish line in Austin, my yearly fundraising total stood at ~$9,300. The ride was over but my job wasnt. I still needed to ask my friends and family for donations until I hit the $12,000 mark. TOC motivated me to raise an additional $4,138. That is what TOC is about for me.

Raise your fundraising bar; do what you need to do and join us next year! You’ll see what I’m talking about!


Karla Zielke


Two BWC-ers, Karla Zielke and Alison Sparer