Members Stories

These articles are the personal stories from some of the members of the Because We Can organisation. They are just ordinary people with an extra ordinary positive outlook on life who as luck would have just so happen to have MS.

Weather you or a friend are recently diagnosed or have been dealing with MS for years you might find these stories motivational and inspirational.

Please note that this is not a medical advice forum. Anything members disclose in their stories is a regiment they have chosen based upon personal choice and the help of a medical professional. Please consult your medical professional with any treatment questions.

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1 Less Than 2000 Spaces Left Administrator 516
2 Tanya James 2009 Administrator 1339
3 Joanna Wachowiak-Finlaison - 2005 Administrator 969
4 Vicki Williams - 2010 Administrator 1284
5 Karla Zielke - 2007 Administrator 2371
6 Steven Langley - 1998 Administrator 2791
7 Karen McConaughey - 2000 Administrator 2369
8 Ron Brannigan - 1997 Administrator 2886